Hey ladies! Welcome to another Member Spotlight, featuring our members — influencers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and girl bosses alike! Next up: Gabrielle Vasquez, founder of Roots ATL, a local eShop. Read on to learn about how Gabrielle got started, what inspired her to start her business, and more!

Q: Tell us a little about you, girl!

A: I was born & raised in the South  and I currently live in ATL with my husband and our young daughter. I have a background in Criminal Justice, but was always looking for ways to flex my creative muscle.

Q: What inspired you to start Roots?

A: I ALWAYS knew I wanted to own my own business and fashion has always been a fun and freeing way to express myself. For years, I was entirely too scared to start, but when we learned we were pregnant with our daughter, I knew the time was now. If I’m going to encourage her to chase her dreams, I have to do the same!

Q: Tell us the meaning behind the name “Roots”.

A: To me, Roots means being true to oneself. I think the way we express ourselves through fashion is an opportunity to be authentic in who we are and where we’ve come from. So while we always grow and evolve, we have roots that are lasting parts of us.

Q:  What’s been your favorite moment of owning a business thus far?

A: Hands down, freedom. I’m free to be me, and the coolest part is watching others love and identify with what I’ve created. I finally feel like I’m encouraged to stay true to myself and my style and it’s so gratifying to watch others benefit from my freedom.

Q:  What advice do you have for women looking to start their own business?

A: Start. It’s never going to be the “right” time, you’re never going to feel 100% ready, but just start taking steps. You’ll be surprised to see how your steps snowball and grow into bigger and more tangible results. You’ll wake up one day with a whole business!

Q:  What’s next for you and Roots?

A: I’m focused on growth and customer experience. I strive to be a household name for my customers and that they continue to turn to me for their fashion needs. A storefront is definitely the ultimate goal in the future! Right now, I’m working to master and thrive online! 

There you have it, ladies.

A little peek into Gabrielle’s amazing journey with her clothing store, Roots ATL! Be sure to follow along with Roots on Instagram and shop online here.

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