Botox… A word that used to spark questions, a bit of laughter and a whole lot of “I would never” thoughts. Granted, my mom had ingrained in my head that it was something I never needed to do and scared me out of it, based on (sorry mom) no scientific reasoning. But that was before I really learned what Botox was – and how much I’d love it!

That’s where Facial Aesthetics of Buckhead (FAB) comes in, my go-to and truly the best team. My first experience with Botox was when Molly of Dew Skincare ATL, one half of FAB, reached out to me in March of 2018. She wanted to work together to introduce our ATL Girl Gang community to the world of Botox. I showed up at her, then, home office, nervous and pretty positive I wouldn’t leave with any Botox. Long story short, she sold me on it by making me feel incredibly safe and comfortable with the process – and I’ve been getting it ever since! If you’re curious, check out my first ever botox before + after here. It’s CRAZY.

So, let’s talk about things I learned from my first – and continual – botox experience:

  1. Don’t be scared + ASK QUESTIONS.

    Now, I’m anything but a pro when it comes to the science behind Botox – I’m a marketing gal. So we’ll leave that to Molly and Barb – and this blog post about the science behind it. But I will tell you that any and all questions you have regarding Botox will be answered in great depth by these two. You’ll feel comfortable and safe as soon as you meet them and they address your concerns, I promise. Things I asked: what am I putting into my body? Will I die? What’s the worse case scenario? Will my face still move? Am I too young? Will it hurt? Will I feel funny? And on and on. So don’t hesitate to ask it all.
  2. It doesn’t hurt and it’s quick.

    At all. That’s it. It doesn’t hurt.

    The appointment is incredibly quick. Now that I’m a “regular”, it takes maybe 15 minutes. You don’t need to be numb, so it’s just inject and go!

  3. You may be a bit paranoid your first time and that’s okay.

    After my first round of Botox, I was incredibly anxious about what I had just done and what was going to happen. Spoiler alert: nothing bad happened. I couldn’t feel it day of. Just make sure you listen to Molly and Barb and don’t lay down, work out, wear glasses etc. They’ll tell you all of this day-of.
  4. It’s not immediate.

    It will take about a week for you to notice the effects. And when you do, ohhhh la la you’ll love it. In my opinion, the first time you notice it, it feels a bit funny. Not bad, just funny! Which makes sense because your muscles were just weakened for the first time ever.
  5. You’re going to love the way you look.

    This is good news and bad news, because now you’re going to have a new expense. But when something is worth it, it’s easy to rationalize the expense. And I can’t say it enough, I love my smooth forehead. Love it.
  6. You’ll most likely go 3-4 times a year.

    Again, this isn’t a scientific number. This is simply based on myself, my friends and how often we find ourselves saying “I need more Botox”.
  7. Molly and Barb are VERY conservative.

    You’re not going to walk out of FAB with a frozen face. Especially when you’re first starting out, they’re not going to load you up and that’s a good thing.

There you have it, this is MY experience with Botox. All of my friends have very similar experiences and almost all of them go to FAB to see Molly and Barb! If you take anything from this information, just know that Molly and Barb are amazing and will answer any questions you might have. So why not make your first appointment?! Bonus: FAB is offering 20% off all services for appointments July 15 – August 15. Book now, girl! Don’t forget to give them a follow on Instagram too!

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