Nothing beats a weekend getaway, are we right or are we right? Well, lucky for us ATL girls, Asheville is an easy hop, skip and jump over from us. Our short 3-hour drive landed us in the brewery and arts-filled town of Asheville. Perfect for girl’s trips, you’re sure to love it.

Where to Stay

AC Hotel Asheville Downtown

We loved our stay here! Not only is it a PRIME location, but it has the perfect rooftop patio for breakfast, cocktails, or that Instagram you know you need. We loved that we could walk to just about every spot in town. Bonus: the rooftop restaurant turned lounge has incredible cocktails that should not be missed.

Hotel Arras

If you’re craving luxury and top-of-the-line cuisine, this hotel is for you. Now, if you’re reading this BEFORE its grand opening, well, then it’s not open yet. If it is in fact open, you’re in luck! We toured what is sure to be a beautiful space and amazing destination for your girl’s trip.

Where to Eat


We stopped by this spot after a morning of touring art galleries and it was FIRE. We had a group of 6 and, kid you not, none of us could decide what to order. Everything looked TOO good. Most of us settled on the fried chicken sandwich or kale salad. Lemme tell ya, that fried chicken sandwich was 100% the move.


Total transparency, we didn’t eat here. But you should. We didn’t think ahead and had no reservations. Needless to say, this spot needed one. Honestly, any restaurant with fancy tapas is a 5 star in our book.

Capella On 9

See that cute photo right there, that’s Capella On 9. This spot is in the AC Hotel and was a delish brunch. We had the avocado toast twice with a side of whatever that breakfast sandwich was. Right after, we walked onto the rooftop deck to enjoy what was left of our morning coffee. Beautiful way to start the day.


Haha, yes a random sushi spot we stumbled into. No, this isn’t the chain hibachi restaurant. But hold on, the spicy tuna roll was one of the BEST ever. Truly still thinking about it. We walked right in and got a table here. This is a great dinner choice when you’re exhausted after a day of breweries (hello, it’s us). Plus it’s right across from the AC Hotel if you choose to stay there!

Sovereign Remedies

Okay, so we only drank here (so yes, you’ll see this again soon), but given more days to explore Asheville, we would have also eaten here. The food looked amazing and it was absolutely one of the more instagramable spots in town. Highly recommend it despite us not trying to actual food.

Corner Kitchen

This is in Biltmore Village so we stopped by on our way out of town for one final breakfast. Highly recommend this spot – it felt very local (even though it probably wasn’t) and the food was amaze. We did have a bit of a wait, but they had coffee ready for you and there was plenty to see nearby while you waited.


Yes. That Dominos. We ordered Dominos at 1 AM after a night out bar hopping. You’re probably wondering why this is included… Well, we found it was one of the ONLY late-night spots open. This is not a knock on Asheville at all, it’s actually more of a knock on us as we swore we wouldn’t order food at 1 AM, but if you find yourselves in the same situation, call your #1 za spot: Dominos.

Where to Drink

Sovereign Remedies

We mentioned it above and are mentioning it again. This is cutest craft cocktail bar! It’s a must see and we mean it. Make sure you order something off there menu, because the cocktails are that good. It is a pretty small space, so don’t bet on grabbing a table, but it’s worth it!

Wicked Weed

An obvious brewery choice. Yes, they have wine too! Also, they have overhead heaters outside in case you visit in the chillier months. There are plenty of breweries that we didn’t stop in, so you can probably ask a fellow Wicked Weed patron where they’ve been to get a few recs.

The Chemist

A gin distillery featuring a cute, little tasting room. Mind: little. Make sure you don’t bring a squad of 20 to this spot. But regardless, if you enjoy tasting gin, this is a great spot for you.

The Place Next To Chemist

No this isn’t the name of the restaurant, it may be The Chemist, it may not be. We didn’t eat here, but it was POPPING and there was a rooftop bar. You should check it out.

The Omni Grove Park Inn

Honestly this could fit on every list we’ve mentioned. We stopped by Grove Park Inn for cocktails with a mountain view, but technically you could stay here, eat here and drink here. It’s a little bit outside of the city though, so you won’t be able to walk around town. But absolutely worth a visit!

What to Do

River Arts District

This is the best spot to see all the art you need to see! There are some really good restaurant all over this area as well. Must note: this is a very instagramable spot if that’s your thing. Which, if you’re reading this, it probably is.

Biltmore Estate

We didn’t go this time around, but again, you should! There’s a small entry fee, but it’s worth it. This place is beautiful and you’ve absolutely seen it on Instagram. But the architecture is just amazing, so take it all in.

Biltmore Village

This is a great little shopping area! Plenty of restaurants to enjoy and plenty of little shops to run into.

There you have it, ladies

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